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We Are He Best Quality And Traeditional Restaurant

Seabreeze was the first restaurant to open in Egypt, the restaurant was designed with the history in mind of it. We have created a soft industrial dining room, combined with an open  kitchen, coffee take out bar and a lovely on site coffee &roastery.

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Awards Winning

Excelletnt Awards 2020 Best Restarunts Of The Year


Our Special Dishes

Miso Chike Veg Soup

Miso Chike Veg Soup

Miso soup is as important to breakfast as coffee. It's a hearty soup of dashi.

Sushi Curry Meik Rice

Sushi Curry Meik Rice

Sushi Curry Meik Rice Based on British Navy Curry with an Indian touch

Maxicon Veg Spring Roll

Maxicon Veg Spring Roll

Made with a wide variety of ingredients daikon radish, eggplant.

Italian Grilled Chicken

Italian Grilled Chicken

Italian Grilled Chicken easy and versatile Marinade is quick to and results.

Shitake Mushroom Maaki

Shitake Mushroom Maaki

Savory garlic sesame sautéed shiitake mushrooms stuffed into nori rolls

Assorted Veg Teppanyaki

Assorted Veg Teppanyaki

Assorted Veg Teppanyaki is Chicken, Onions, Poodoro Oil Cream Bread

Details contact us for better help and good service. Our Special items. Our Special items


One Of The Highest Quality Traditional Restaurant

Embedded on the roof terrace and Seabreeze is the highest quality and most exclusive restaurant in the legendary Los Angeles, USA. We have a rich collection of solid Japanese food.

Our work with Passion

We welcome your pleasure and
stomach-boosting food.

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Food Quality 85%
Fastest Delivery 65%

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We not only serve food in the restaurant but also make dreams come true with taste.

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